If you are involved in the entertainment- and/or marketing business, sooner or later you are going to get at the point where you will need audioproduction to communicate with your audience.

This is where we come in!

We will deliver to you within the shortest amount of time!
Vocalsupplies.com was unofficially launched January 1st 2015 and actually still awaits it’s official big lounge. Till that point the site will be continuously under construction but all products on the site can already be ordered and will be delivered directly.
If you are in need of proffesional audio marketing tools delivered in the shortest amount of time possible look no further,.. vocalsupplies.com is the right place to be.

If it is a custom piece of audio you are looking for? Then click on any of our customisable products.
Choose your product and upload your instructions in a simple voicemessage, flyer or textfile. Your order will be delivered  within noticable time.

In the near future we will also be very happy to help you get your toplines, vocals for any video or motion picture production, dj/producer tools(intro’s, drops etc), aftermovie vocals but also personalized ringtones, audio wishcards and other fun stuff within the shortest amount of delivery time.

Here at vocalsupplies.com we understand that quality and short term delivery are mostly the first priorities of those in need of vocal productions.

Vocalsupplies.com is founded by a group of audio production-, marketing- and vocalengineering professionals who understand the need of quick acces to a personal production resource which can deliver emediately at any time.

This is why we try to make our service as mobile-friendly as possible in order for our clients to be able to order whatever they want, where ever they are.

Among our clients you will find event programmers, marketing companies, event venues, DJ’s, producers, multimedia production houses, songwriters, publishers, recordlabels and ofcourse a great amount of dedicated audio consumers who just love to hear and have fun with good quality audio!

Vocal Supplies gives voice to your every need!

Welcome and enjoy!!


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